Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heirloom Afghan

My aunt made me a hexagonal granny square afghan when I was in high school. She made one each for my brother and sister, too. However, I think mine turned out the best.

Not just because I still like the colors, but because of how she made it and what she made it out of.

First, she used a really durable yarn. It's not real soft, but the durability made it perfect as a bedspread (that's I used it for). It hasn't come apart or stretched out and it still has its original shape after over 20 years.

Second, she used the right hook size. By keeping the hook small enough for snug but not too tight stitches it has added to the durability.

As a result she created an afghan that served as my bedspread until I got married and now serves to keep me warm on the couch. It will probably still be in great shape another 20 years from now.

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