Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pagosa Fiber Festival

The Pagosa Fiber Festival is held every Memorial Day weekend in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. And that's where I was at last Saturday.

It's a cozy affair, being a young festival, and it only takes an hour to get through the vendors. But it gets a little bigger and better every year. What I think Pagosa is best for is the Alpaca and Churro fibers. There are a lot of small growers in Western and Southern Colorado who won't be able to go to the larger festivals, but fit quite comfortably into the smaller venue of Pagosa Springs.

This year I was most particularly interested in the Churro. I shopped at three booths and came away with some beautiful roving. La Plata Farms was there again. There was one booth where several Churro growers had gone in together with a wonderful variety of fleeces and roving in all colors. They were Arriola Sunshine Farm, Hovenweep Sheep, and Fat Sheep Farm. The Los Vigiles Living Trade booth was the next one over and, while she only had small samplings of Churro, what she did have was vibrantly hand dyed. She assured me that she had more of her beautiful yarn and fiber at home in Chimayo, New Mexico.

When I was loaded up on Churro, I visited the Spider Goddess Creations booth where she was selling some incredible hand painted hanks of silk and rayon. I've been looking for the perfect yarn for a future design project and hers fit the bill. So I bought four hanks that had a nice color transition from warm to cool.

In the Community Center down the road from Town Park where the vendor tent was located, we found the Navajo rugs. While we didn't attend the auction that evening, we did have a lot of fun poking through the piles and admiring the different rugs. We saw many traditional patterns such as the Chief, Eye Dazzler, Klagatoh, and Two Gray Hills.

We wrapped up the evening in Pagosa Springs with dinner at Tequila's.

My haul for the day was (clockwise) light gray Churro roving, dark brown Churro roving, Tonga basket from Zambia, white Churro roving, blue Churro roving samples, half an ounce of buffalo down, four hanks of hand painted silk/rayon, and a lovely kuba cloth from the Congo (purchased, along with the basket, at a fair in Saguache we stopped at on the way).

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