Monday, November 29, 2010

My Local Yarn Shops: Green Valley Weavers and Knitters

The yarn shop that I probably visit the most is Green Valley Weavers and Knitters. It the most convenient to where I live and hosts the spinning group I'm part o. It's also got an excellent selection of all sorts of fiberliscious stuff.

Coming in the front door you are immediately met with a bounty of yarniness.

There is a large selection of all styles of yarn and fiber combinations and it doesn't stop at the yarns for knitting or crocheting. As their name implies they have a room with shelves full of cones for weaving.

There are also spinning wheels, dyes, and fibers for spinning along with the usual knit and crochet tools, books, and magazines.

So stop on in and pay them a visit the next time you're in Colorado Springs.

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