Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Rush

When I think of the Christmas rush it's about avoiding the rush at the mall and rushing to finish my handmade projects. Christmas is only 3 days away and I'm still working on them! Aak!

This year my husband and I are striving to (as much as possible) do a handmade Christmas. It has made it easier on our money budget since we're stash busting and only purchasing small things we might need here and there for missing project parts. But the time budget is a little strained.

My husband is a silversmith, so he's spent a lot of time at his jeweler's bench. He's made great progress on his gifts since he got a early start and keeps plugging away at it. A few ladies are going to be very happy when they open their gifts this year.

I have been trying to focus my crochet energy on several projects and finding it hard. I've chosen simple patterns to accomplish my Christmas list goals and that can get boring. I've been doing so much designing that it's getting hard to follow a pattern anymore.

However, I hope my nieces are pleased with their matching leg warmers. One pair is finished and one pair is in process. I used acrylic since it makes them very durable and very easy for their moms to clean. I also made sure to ask their moms for custom measurements since both of the girls are VERY tall for their ages. 2 pairs of extra, extra long legwarmers coming right up.

I've made a hat for Grandma. She's over 90 years old and so it's hard to know what to get for her. She doesn't need or want much. So, we'll see what she thinks. Worse case scenario...a littlest niece gets a new hat. I've used acrylic for this one, too, and I have a couple of reasons.
1. If Grandma likes it, she's not going to want to deal with special care instructions. She reserves the right to have no patience for that at her age.
2. If Grandma doesn't like it, my littlest niece will probably end up with it and acrylic will be easier for her mom to care for.

For Mom I've been working on something that I can't show a picture of since she might see this. However, I will show you the yarn I'm using for it and that I dyed with Kool-aid. It's alpaca hand-spun by my aunt and given to Mom for her birthday. Mom's arthritis prevents her from doing as much needle work as she used to, so I thought I'd help her out.

For my husband, I've made a hat from Alpaca yarn I purchase. I'm afraid I was getting quite bored with the single-crochet-only pattern, so I spiced it up a bit with some post stitches in a pattern to add interest and texture. It's amazing how fast those last 2 inches seemed to go in comparison with the previous 2 inches.

For those who have made it this far...Merry Christmas! And I hope your all your hand made holiday gifts are wonderfully successful.

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