Thursday, December 23, 2010

Giving in 2011

As the new year approaches my mind can't help but think of resolutions. I'm not into new year resolutions, but it's a good excuse to announce a small change in how I'm going to do things in the coming year.

Starting with January 1st, 10% of all my sales will go to Compassion International's Child Survival Program. That's 10% of the total cost of the pattern. I'm not taking it out after expenses, but before.  So 40¢ of a $4 pattern and 60¢ of a $6 pattern will go to the Child Survival Program.

I've always felt that the name, Child Survival Program, is a little deceptive. While it was started in order to help babies (starting in the womb) get what they need to not only survive but thrive, what it really does is help their moms and that helps the kids. I could give you a description and explanation, but their web site does it so much better.

I believe in giving and have a special place in my heart for those in extreme poverty (living on less than $2 a day) with no resources to escape that poverty. So I'm extending my giving into this part of my life. Help me give more to those who offer help and resources for women and their children in extreme poverty. I've seen the program at work in Uganda (one of many around the world) and it works. It really does work.

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