Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What I'm Up To

Right now I'm in one of those quiet phases where I've got my head down working. I've been picking up a few UFOs (un-finished objects) to get finished offed, testing pattern samples, and fine tuning a few pattern ideas.

The one crochet project that I'm finishing right now is my Rain Wrap. It's an idea that I came up with about a year and a half ago. After finding the perfect hand-painted yarn at the Pagosa Fiber Festival last May, I started swatching and quickly realized that I was going to need some pretty detailed diagrams to make it. So I had to spend time drafting those and pause every now and then to fine tune them as I went. Eventually, I just wore out and stuck the project in my UFO stash. I pulled it out again last week and, fully refreshed, have been flying along. I should have it done by next week. Whoohoo!!

I've been catching up on my sewing UFOs as well. A dress, some slacks, lengthening a pair of jeans, and some bags I promised to make for my Mom too long ago. Since I'm on the tall side I have trouble finding pants that are long enough or that don't shrink 2" when I wash them. Uggh! I hate it when they shrink. I had to get creative since lengthening jeans means adding fabric.

Testing Pattern Samples
I like to use my creations for a bit before committing to the publishing process. It helps me be sure I've picked the right yarn, made it exactly how I want it to be, or even that it's worth publishing.

My Ocean Waves Scarf started out life in a different yarn. It was beautiful, but after I wore it a few times I realized that it was not quite what I had in mind. So I remade it using the Classic Elite Provence and was pleased with that result.

I recently made a hat that will be published in the coming months. After wearing it once I realized that I needed to adjust the pattern to get it to drape the way I wanted. So I frogged and re-crocheted it with the adjustment. Now I love how it looks and fits and wear it all the time. I love it so much that this sample is going to live in my closet for the rest of its life.

Currently, I'm testing a bag and fiddling around trying to get the strap just right. Good thing I don't have a deadline!! I'd have missed it a couple weeks ago.

Pattern Ideas
Well, they just keep flooding into my sketchbook and it's a matter of sifting out the best ones and making them a reality. In development are a couple more hats, a couple more bags, and a lacy scarf. More on those later.

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