Saturday, December 3, 2011


Okay, so maybe it isn't that bad. But can I just say, it's been insane?

It's been over a month since I've posted and I'm very sorry. But I've just kind of kept my head down and worked. I had 2 holiday sales that I sold stuff in during November. It's amazing to me how much work those are compared to how much I make. But, oh well. I use those sales to bust my stash by making things just for selling from things that just need to get used.

So, since I had a lot of beads and some fine beading wire, I made crocheted wire jewelry. Quick, fun, and beautiful.

The labor intensive part is the labels and preparing for the set up. I made stands for the necklaces out of some left over mat board and some cardboard easel backs I purchased.

I've also started offering my services to create crochet symbol charts for designers. I enjoy the challenge of representing both the pattern and the way the stitches actually work.

Thanksgiving prep kind of put all creative projects on hold since we were working hard to help my Mom get ready for 20 guests at her house. I don't think we've ever done that much cooking in my kitchen, ever.

And now it's time to make Christmas gifts. Whew! January is going to seem awfully quiet.

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