Monday, February 27, 2012

Kool-aid ToThe Rescue

Kool-aid has turned a nice scarf into an awesome scarf.

I tried out a new design idea on some beige colored hand spun hoping it might be made a whole lot more interesting by becoming lace. Nope. So I decided I was going to have to dye it. I look pasty in beige.

I took some of the left over yarn and crocheted a swatch which I used to try some Berry Blue on.

Liking it I made up a whole pot from four packets and put in the scarf.

I let it soak in the cold mixture for a bit, pushing it down and allowing it to be fully saturated. Normally I'd pre-soak, but I was impatient. Once it was saturated I turned on the heat.

When it started to boil, I turned off the burner and dumped the almost clear mixture in the sink. After squeezing out the excess water, I laid it out to dry. Then I addressed my blue hands. I'd neglected to put on gloves.

The next day it was dry and really quite beautiful. I love Kool-aid.