Friday, June 29, 2012

Still Have a Home

It's official. They published a list of streets that lost homes and mine wasn't on it. I can't tell you what that does to a person to experience that kind of relief.

When I got home on Tuesday night, I saw that my husband had grabbed my spinning wheel on one of the trips he made to grab things that day before the fire came over the mountain. I was glad, but it didn't really hit me until Wednesday night. I was trying to sort through the things piled up in our room that he had grabbed and there were the extra bobbins with the merino I need to ply, the yarn winder, and a tea cup that had been my grandmother's. I lost it. That he had noticed those things off to the side on a shelf and knew that he should grab them really touched my heart. Admit it ladies, sometimes we wonder if they notice.

Now I know that my yarn, fiber, paint, everything in my studio and my house is still safe. I don't have to sit down and make a list of what was lost or needs to be replaced.

We're not out of the woods yet though. Sorry. Bad pun. There are still hot spots and active areas of fire they're going to need to take care of before they can let us back into our homes. So we'll just sit tight.

But next week I feel like I can start going on with my life (other than work) again without wondering what's going happen. I'm going to get a haircut tomorrow, a massage on Monday, and demonstrate spinning, crochet, and/or embroidery at an assisted living place on Thursday. And maybe my new pattern will be ready to publish some time in the next 2 weeks as well.

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