Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm Getting There: New Beginning?

I quit my job at the end of January thanks to a very understanding Honey and I spent the first 3 weeks just resting and putting myself back together. I was pretty fragmented. I spent the next next 3 weeks getting ready for 2 trips making new clothes that actually fit my tall, curvy body. NICE! We had a death in the family and so I'm very thankful that I had the time to spend helping my mom with funeral and memorial service stuff.

Here is the really exciting stuff though:

1. I took a Russian spindle class from Galina Khmeleva and I'm hooked. I'm also helping her with writing a pattern from a crocheted Orenburg shawl she has and wants to publish. It's been a lot of work AND a lot of fun. Right now I'm going through the first draft and correcting it and the most fun way to do that is to make one. So I'm using some Carmelina 30/2 Muga silk I got from Treenway Silks. It's going to be gorgeous when I'm done!
I have learned so much from Galina and this project. Russian spindles are used to make gossamer weight yarn from any fiber that works, not just cashmere.
I guess the traditional way to do it is to spin the cashmere (goat hair) and ply it with a 30/2 or 60/2 silk. The silk reduces the cost and increases the durability of the yarn. As Galina says, plying cashmere with cashmere is "like eating butter with butter." I bought some 50% Yak/50% Silk from her and plied it with Treenway's Myojo 60/2 Bombyx Silk. I have about enough yarn for a scarf, so I'll have to decide of my new lace patterns under development to use.

2. I've been doing monthly crochet help for anyone requesting it at Table Rock Llamas and now I've got 3 classes scheduled there for next quarter. Beginning Crochet, How to Read a Crochet Pattern, and Beginning Tapestry Crochet.

3. I've been designing, but have not had the time to focus on preparing the designs for publication. So I'm hoping I can get to that this summer and If I do, there will be a flurry of new patterns. Wish me luck!

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