Sunday, June 30, 2013

Table Rock Llamas Fiber Studio and the Black Forest Fire

I need to post about the Black Forest Fire, because some will be curious and I would like to share.

Table Rock Llamas Fiber Studio was spared due to our superhero firefighters. I visited them yesterday to get in touch about my upcoming crochet classes (see side bar), to congratulate Kris and Val, and to see it first hand.

It was BUSY with people and we're all amazed at how little smell of smoke there was. Especially considering the singe marks on the side of the back building where they hold workshops.

Here are photos I took:
The front of the store with the parking lot full.

The west side of the back building. The grass is burned right up to the parking lot, there are singe marks at the base of the structure, but no damage.

This is the east side and you can see that the back of the property, behind the back building is almost completely burned. They've begun thinning out a few of the trees that are going to topple if not dealt with, but most will stay until new growth comes in. That prevents erosion and helps shelter the new plants.

The fire started June 11th, not quite 1 year after the Waldo Canyon Fire. For those of us who had direct experience with the Waldo Canyon Fire last year it was the beginning of the Post Traumatic Stress roller coaster all over again. We all hung on, trying to keep up with the news but not too much. Over 500 homes lost and 2 lives with 100% containment on June 27th.

One of the good things to see was that the city, county, and state took the time to learn from the fire last year and they JUMPED on it this year. The fact that more homes were lost is not a reflection of their competency. That number would be more than double if they hadn't learned from last year. One of the other complications is that Black Forest is a rural area with livestock as well as people to evacuate and houses tucked way back on dirt roads where they're hard to get at.

But Table Rock Llamas Fiber Studio is still there and acting not only as a business, but as a refuge for those who need a place to gather and support one another. Isn't that what yarn shops are really for?

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