Friday, September 6, 2013

Vacation Spinning

Sometimes I acquire a project while on vacation and that's what this post is about. 

We are in Waldport on the Oregon coast and on Wednesday Honey wanted to go antiquing. The very first place we went to had a booth set up by 3 fiber people with batts for spinning, handspun yarn, and a few patterns. I saw a merino batt I had to have.

See why?

Problem is...I didn't bring a spindle. My mind stewed, twisted, turned, searched every shop we went in for anything I could use as a spindle. Nothing!

Thursday morning our plans for the day fell through so I called the only yarn shop in the area to ask if they carried spindles. No, but I might try this other place. So I called Elsie's Discount Roving and was told they had only 2 left.

So I located them on my map and Honey and I drove to their shop 3 miles north of Depoe Bay. Yes! She had 2 spindles that were beautifully made and even perfectly balanced. I was in business.

I decided to strip from both sides of the batt alternating colors and thickness. The green side spun thin and the pink side spun thick.

I will ply it back on itself as a 2 ply and hopefully the varying color and thicknesses will make for interesting yarn.

Last night I made another amazing discovery about my new spindle. It can be unassembled to pack flat. How cool is that?

I went looking for the maker on line and found his spindles available at Madwomans Dyepot on Etsy. It seems I can get extra shafts and whorls sold separately there. A heavier whorl for heavier yarns and a lighter whorl for lighter yarns. Extra shafts can be used like extra bobbins.