Monday, November 11, 2013

Season for Gift Giving: Choosing Your Gift Projects

Hey Yarnies! 
It's time to kick our "make stuff" attitude into high gear!

As the season for giving approaches (way too fast) we, the makers of stuff, start taking on projects left and right. So here are some thoughts to help you along.

1. Get together with other "makers of stuff" to create some community while getting your gifts done. Believe me it's a lot better than working in isolation, it's a great resource for ideas, and it might even help you get them done faster.

2. Choose projects that you can actually complete in time. Scarves, hats, mittens, amigrumi, and any project that is fairly small. They're going to be easier to complete and you will probably run into fewer problems that might bring you to a grinding and frustrating halt.

3. Don't start a project that is either a little beyond your experience level or is complex and takes too much brain power. This is not the time to push your envelope. Do that after the holidays as a treat for yourself!

4. Consider making doubles of those hats, mittens, and scarves if you can and donate the duplicates. If you aren't aware of any places taking donations, ask your fellow makers (item 1 on this list), ask for suggestions from your local yarn shop, or use the internet to find local giving opportunities. Some areas that might have need are natural disaster victims, the working poor, returning veterans, and those suffering from debilitating illness or the elderly.

5. Consider giving patterns and supplies to the "makers" on your gift giving list rather than making it for them. Find a pattern you think they'll like and purchase the yarn for it in a color they will love. Consider including a nice new hook, too. Sometimes we don't buy the nice stuff for ourselves, so it's extra special when someone else gives it to us.

6. Check out the "Patterns" links on the right for some gift giving and making ideas.

7. Have fun! Too often gift giving gets stressful because we're trying to do too much in too little time. So take it easy and make good project choices based on what you can do. Gift giving should be fun and uplifting and it can be if you do it right.

8. Reward yourself with a project gift to do after all the holiday fuss is over. Is there a pattern you've always wanted to make or a yarn you've always wanted to make something out of? Get everything you need to make it happen and have it ready to start the day after all the holiday craziness is over.

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