Friday, December 20, 2013

She Just Gets It

While I haven't been publishing I have been teaching crochet. That has been interesting.

Up til now, all of my students have been adults, women who have decided to revisit crochet and either relearn it or learn it again.

Recently, a woman approached me to do private lessons for her 10 year old daughter. My first internal response was panic since I've never taught crochet to a kid. But, I pushed back the fear and said I'd love to.

So we got together for her first lesson on Wednesday night.

1. She's an absolute sweetheart!
2. She's REALLY enthusiastic and REALLY wants to learn.
3. She's made really good use of YouTube and got a good start on her own.

That was my first impression and it was all correct. My second impression impressed even me.

1. She gets it. She can see things/visualize in her head. That's really rare these days and quite refreshing. I'm the same way and so I realized I know just how to teach her.
2. She doesn't get all upset when it's not perfect the first time and actually thinks that ripping out is fun. When she made a mistake she's just laugh, rip it out, confirm what needed to happen, and went on. Totally cool!!
3. She saw the magic and wants it for herself. When she was practicing her single crochet (it's going to be a hat) I made a fingerless glove (for my niece of the same age) worked the same way she's making her hat. I did that to simultaneously get something done as well as to demonstrate what she needed to learn and do. Before our time was up I finished it and so she was able to watch me stitch it up and she tried it on. That's when she understood how what she was doing could be turned into a hat (tube with one end tied shut) and she saw the magic. As we were walking with her mom out to our cars she turned to me and said, "When you made the hole for the thumb, did you just skip stitches?" Yes, she gets it and it made me smile.

So I have to say, I think I'm going to enjoy teaching this little girl. And maybe she'll reinspire some magic in me, too.

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