Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Find Your Stash in Castle Rock, Colorado

I thought I'd get you in the loop on Find Your Stash. It's located in Castle Rock, Colorado in a little house off of 3rd Street near the The Old Stone Church Restaurant.

I love yarn shops in houses because they seem so much more cozy and inviting to me. Find Your Stash is no exception. When you walk into the house you enter into the main room which is full of yarn with the counter tucked into the back corner.

Owner, Crystal, at the counter.

In the back, by the counter, is the door to a room where they have classes and the tools of our trade. Off to the right of the door are a couple more little rooms full of more yarn. They also have a lot of samples hung up that are made out of the yarn they sell.

One thing that is almost immediately obvious is that this place LOVES crocheters. In fact, they tell me that they have a lot of crocheters and that they like to take classes. Whoohoo! That's where I come in. Take a look at my class schedule on the right of this page.

So if you are driving through Castle Rock, don't just stop at the outlet mall. Take a little detour off the interstate and head to the downtown area and Find Your Stash. : )

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  1. Hi Kris, I have seen this place but it was not open then. I had eaten at the restaurant you mentioned around the corner. I will have to try stop by sometime! Mary L.