Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good Tunisian Hooks

I don't like it when my tools don't work the way I need them too. I don't like it when they aren't attractive either. Needless to say, I've been "making do" with my few Tunisian hooks.

• One I inherited from my mom. It's from the 70s when they called it Afghan crochet. It's short and metal and good for simple, small projects. The button on the end should be bigger though.
• Another 2 Boyes that I got from Hobby Lobby when Tunisian started gaining interest again. They're metal tubes that are extra long. They work but they're heavy and don't fit in a bag very well. I'm used to shorter for my project bags.
• A Bates with a cable was special ordered through my LYS last year sight unseen. It's okay, but not interchangeable.
• Then there are the 2 Denise Interchangeables that I got at another LYS last year when I needed a certain size quickly. They're plastic, they work, but I HATE them. The plastic is TOO flexible and "sticky," the hook part is too short, and it has a useless grip dent.

So, when I expressed my frustration to my fellow crocheter one of them gave me the answer.

I present to you Knitter's Pride Symfonie Dreamz Tunisian Crochet Set. These hooks are wonderful.

• They are wooden. Love that!
• The hook part is long enough to grip and not too short like so many Tunisian hooks that have cords.
• The set comes in a range of sizes from E to L. Nice! I like doing Tunisian in a wide range of yarn weights. Not just worsted.
• The transition from the hook to the cord is smooth. No hangups.
• The cords come in different lengths so I can switch to whatever I need. The set comes with 3 lengths to choose from.
• There's no useless grip dent to confuse me.
• They come in a clear plastic organizer sleeve. An individual pocket for each hook and a pocket behind them for the cords and buttons.
• One of my local yarn shops had just gotten them in and so I had instant gratification!
• And last but not least, they're pretty. I know, color doesn't affect function; however, it does make me enjoy using them more.

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